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     Anhui Tiankang (Group) Shares Co., Ltd., founded in 1974, has become more and more brilliant after years of experience and baptism. Headquartered in Tianchang City, the core area of the "Yangtze River Delta" economic circle, Anhui Tiankang is one of China's top 500 private enterprise manufacturing enterprises, China's top 100 electronic information enterprises, a national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, an advanced enterprise in Anhui province that pays taxes according to law, a AAA bank credit enterprise, China's top 10 instrument industry enterprises, China's top 10 wire and cable enterprises, and a key backbone enterprise in Anhui Province.

Anhui Tiankang specializes in the production of five series of instrument products, including temperature, pressure, material level, flow and complete sets. With good quality and service, Anhui Tiankang products are widely used in industries such as petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, railway, shipbuilding, construction, fire protection, food, communication, health and other industrial and civil fields. The company aims to "pursue excellence and create satisfaction", relying on perfect products, perfect management Perfect service, on the basis of establishing and perfecting the domestic marketing network, has not only won wide praise in the domestic market; In the international market, it has also used its own import and export rights to actively explore the international market, and has been exported to 46 countries and regions in Europe, Africa, Asia, etc., with the export volume rising year by year.

Anhui Tiankang (Group) Co., Ltd. has gradually formed a unique brand culture and global business layout in its development, and has spared no effort to create a brand image of "high technology, high quality and internationalization". Always adhering to the Tiankang spirit of "excellence comes from leaps and bounds", on the basis of creating a harmonious enterprise, the company has introduced international advanced frameworks and models to organize the production, operation and management system of the enterprise. On the basis of actively participating in international competition, we will continue to grasp the pulse of market development, seek economic strategic alliances, and make common development and progress with global partners. For example, today, Kang people turn their brand-new input into selfless dedication, develop together with the world and make progress together with mankind.

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