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Metal tube rotameter

LZ series metal tube rotameter is a variable area flow meter based on float position measurement. Ad…

I. Product Overview:

LZ series metal tube rotameter is a variable area flow meter based on float position measurement. Adopt all metal structure, Modular concept design, because of its small volume, small pressure loss, large range ratio (10:1), easy installation and maintenance characteristics, so it is widely used in various industries under complex, harsh environment, small flow, low flow rate, all kinds of harsh medium conditions flow measurement and process control.

The series of metal tube flowmeter products, according to different user needs, different occasions, there are a variety of measurement forms for users to choose; According to the output form, there are local indication type, remote transmission type, control alarm type; According to the requirements of explosion-proof classification, and can be divided into ordinary type, intrinsically safe type, isolation explosion-proof type three.

With no contact to detect changes in the Angle of magnetic field of magnetic sensor, and match with Motorola microprocessor system, can realize liquid crystal indicator, cumulative, far transmission (4 ~ 20 ma), pulse output, upper and lower alarm output function, such as the type intelligent signal transmitter with and high precision and reliability, can completely replace imported the same type instrument, It has the characteristics of high cost performance, multi-parameter calibration, power failure protection and so on.

The design and production of metal tube flowmeter also consider the user process flow requirements, there are vertical installation type, the upper and lower out of the installation type, side into side out of the installation type, bottom into side out of the installation type, threaded connection type, horizontal installation type and other installation options.

Ii. Working principle:

LZ series of metal tube rotameter is bottom-up measured medium by the conical float to the top and bottom side of the differential pressure measurement of a tube formed upward force, when the float upward force is greater than the baptism by float weight in the fluid, float up, clearance area increase, immediately drop the gaps in the fluid flow, float up and down the differential pressure is reduced, on the float upward force as well as to reduce, The float stabilizes at a certain height until the lifting force equals the weight of the float immersed in the fluid. The float position is corresponding to the size of the measured medium flow. The float is built with magnetic steel. When the float moves up and down with the medium, the magnetic field changes with the float's movement.

A. For the local type, the rotating magnetic steel in the local indicator is coupled with the magnetic steel in the float to rotate and drive the pointer at the same time, indicating the flow rate at this time through the dial.

B, for the intelligent type, by the intelligent type indicator in A solid state magnetic sensor will change the magnetic field into electrical signals, after A/D conversion, microprocessor, D/A output, LCD liquid crystal display, to show the size of the flow and cumulative flow.

Three, flow meter type:

According to the direction of fluid inlet and outlet, the product is divided into 5 types: vertical type, horizontal type (also divided into horizontal T type, horizontal spring type), bottom in side out type, side in side out type, side in top out type, and each type has standard type, high temperature type, jacket type and so on.

Horizontal installation type flowmeter when the diameter is less than DN50 (including), the selection of t-type structure, when greater than DN50, the selection of spring structure.

LZ series metal tube flowmeter standard type adopts GB/T9119-2000 flange standard, flange standard can be made according to customer demand; Thread connection and clamp connection are also available.

Magnetic filter:

If the medium contains ferromagnetic particles, a magnetic filter should be installed in front of the flowmeter inlet.

Four, application:

LZ series metal tube rotameter is a variable area flow meter commonly used in industrial automation process control. It has the characteristics of small volume, large detection range and easy to use. It can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam, especially suitable for medium flow measurement with low flow rate and small flow rate. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, food, water treatment and other complex, harsh environmental conditions, and a variety of media conditions in the flow measurement process.

Five, main features:

1, all metal structure design, strong, simple, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life;

2, short stroke, total height 250mm, easy to install;

3, the mechanical pointer indicates instantaneous flow, LCD liquid crystal display instantaneous flow, cumulative flow;

4, Intelligent indicator, using foreign signal acquisition and processing chip, modular design, no magnetic lag;

5, with data recovery, data backup, power failure protection and error self-diagnosis function;

6, HART type indicator, two-wire 24VDC power supply, 4-20mA standard current signal output overlay HART protocol;

7. Parameter configuration and field adjustment can be carried out through HART communication operator;

8, connect with PC serial port, through Windows program, realize field calibration of the instrument;

9, can be used in flammable, explosive dangerous occasions;

10, vertical, horizontal, upper and lower out, bottom into side out, side into side out and other installation forms, flange or thread connection.

Vi. Technical Parameters:

1, measuring range: water 2.5 ~ 100000L /h (20℃);

2. Range ratio: 10:1;

3, accuracy grade: 1.0, 1.5, 2.5

4, working pressure: DN15, DN25, DN50 for PN4.0MPazui 10.0MPa, DN80, DN100 for PN1.6MPazui 6.4MPa;

5, medium temperature: -40℃ ~ 300℃;

6, medium viscosity: DN15: η<5mPa·s (F15.1 ~ F15.3); η<30mPa·s (F15.4-F15.8);

DN25: eta < 250 mpa, s

DN50 ~ DN150: η<300mPa·s;

7, ambient temperature: liquid crystal type: -40℃ ~ 85℃; Pointer type: -40℃ ~ 120℃;

8, connection form: flange (DIN2501 or according to the user provided flange standard manufacturing)

9, instrument height: 250mm

10, cable interface: M20*1.5

11, power supply: 24VDC two-line system 4 ~ 20mA or 85 ~ 265VAC 50/60Hz (remote transmission)

12, alarm output: upper or lower limit instantaneous flow alarm relay output (contact capacity maximum 5A-250VAC) or open collector output (Z maximum 100MA-30VDC internal impedance 100 ω).

13, pulse output: cumulative pulse output, the minimum interval every 10 seconds a pulse (ac) or every 50 milliseconds a pulse.

14, LIQUID crystal display: double row liquid crystal display, display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.

Intrinsically safe explosion-proof: Exia II CT4.

16, measuring tube material: 316 stainless steel (common type) or lined with PTFE (anti-corrosion type).

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