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Explosion-proof thermocouple

Industrial explosion-proof thermocouple is a temperature sensor, widely used in the chemical industr…

Industrial explosion-proof thermocouple is a temperature sensor, widely used in the chemical industry automatic control system, through the temperature sensor explosion-proof thermocouple can control the temperature parameters of the object into electrical signals transmitted to the display, recorder and regulator, the system to detect, adjust and control.

In chemical plants, the production site is often accompanied by a variety of flammable, explosive and other chemical gases, if the use of ordinary thermocouple is very unsafe, easy to cause environmental gas explosion. Therefore, in these occasions must use explosion-proof thermocouple as a temperature measuring instrument, the explosion-proof thermocouple products produced by our company are suitable for EXd ⅱ CT6 temperature group range with explosive gas danger in the place.

Working principle:

If a closed circuit is composed of two homogeneous conductors (thermal electrodes) of different compositions, a current will flow through the circuit when there is a temperature gradient between the two ends, and then there is a thermoelectric potential between the two ends.

Explosion-proof principle:

Using the principle of gap flameproof, the design of junction box and other parts with sufficient strength, will produce sparks, arcs and dangerous temperature of the zero parts are sealed in the junction box, when the explosion occurs in the cavity, through the joint surface gap extinguish fire and cooling, so that the flame and temperature after the explosion does not spread to the outside of the cavity.


According to the international IEC standard z.UI new explosion-proof specification GB3836 design;

Adopt two - cavity flameproof structure, easy to replace temperature measuring element, safe and reliable to use

Flameproof mark EXd ⅱ CT6, suitable for ⅱ C level below, ignition temperature above T6, containing explosive gas temperature measurement. Selection method:

W temperature meter

R thermocouple

Temperature sensing element material
N Nickel-chromium - Copper-nickel
E Nickel chrome - nickel silicon
F iron - Copper - nickel
C Copper - Copper nickel

I silk logarithmic
No, single
2 - double branchMounting fixed form

2 Fixed thread
4 Fastening flange
6 Fixed thread taper form

Junction box form
4 - the flame-proof type

Protective tube diameter
0 - phi is 16

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