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Seismic-resistant far-transmission bimetallic thermometer

Seismic-resistant far-transmission bimetal thermometer can not only meet the needs of temperature me…

Seismic-resistant far-transmission bimetal thermometer can not only meet the needs of temperature measurement on site, but also meet the needs of long-distance signal transmission (Pt100 signal, K thermocouple, E thermocouple, 4~20mA current signal output). Seismic-resistant bimetal thermometers can directly measure the temperature of liquid, vapor and gas medium and solid surface in the range of -80 ~ +500℃ in various production processes. The shockproof far-spread bimetal thermometer from the design principle and structure has waterproof, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, intuitive reading, signal transmission, no mercury damage, durable and other characteristics, shockproof far-spread bimetal thermometer is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, shipping, power generation, textile, printing and dyeing industry and scientific research departments.


1, with temperature probe small, high sensitivity, linear scale, long life and so on.

2, with a variety of far-transmission signal function and high-power switching signal and other functions

3, the structure is the same with the international similar products, can replace the import.

4, seismic (dial filled with silicone oil to achieve seismic effect)

5, integral axial type, radial type, universal type and other varieties are complete, to meet the needs of various field installation.

6, dial material is 304 stainless steel sensor material 304, 316, stainless steel +PTFE corrosion resistance type

Execution standard

JB/T8803-1998 gb3836-83

Technical parameters:

1 Dial diameter: ф 100 ф 150

2, temperature range: -80 ~ 500℃

3, ambient temperature: -10 ~ 55℃

4, relative humidity: ≤ 95%

5, accuracy level: dial accuracy 1.5 (remote signal Pt100 is class A thermocouple II 4~20mA signal 0.5%)

6. Time constant: ≤60S

7, the probe pressure: ≤6Mpa

8, the probe diameter: φ8-10mm

9. Installation method:

Thread :(size according to user requirements, conventional movable external thread M27*2)

Flange: according to customer's requirements, the general DN25 PN1.6

10, output signal: thermal resistance PT100 (single, double output) thermocouple K, E or 4-20mA current output

11. Protection grade: IP55

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