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Intelligent PID controller

1, all kinds of analog input or frequency input. 2. Triple display of process quantity, given value …

1, all kinds of analog input or frequency input.

2. Triple display of process quantity, given value and control quantity.

3, PID regulator positive and negative action selection. Manual automatic bidirectional undisturbed switching.

4. In case of fault of breaking resistance, coupling and line breaking, the analog output of control quantity and process quantity can choose 0%, 100% or upper limit and lower limit.

5. Zero and full degree of tracking input signal can be calibrated.

6, intelligent sound and light alarm, double timer or counter function.

7. Prescription and small signal excision can be performed.

8, valve position feedback signal arbitrary selection (various analog input).

9, can realize the external given value input (EM2 function).

10. Upper limit and lower limit of output control range can be set respectively. The process PID control can be realized, that is, two process control quantities can be generated on the basis of maintaining the control quantity of Y. i.

11, the measured value and set value display can be added or subtracted operation.

12. PID parameter setting or P parameter d.U setting.

13, 8 groups of set values and P, I, D parameter storage and call.

14, control quantity tracking feedback quantity (EM1 function), can realize hand/automatic bidirectional undisturbed resection. Displacement of a given value in (SB function).

15. Ratio control can be realized. Ratio control formula: given value SP=A× given +B(A is the ratio coefficient).

16, 4 switching quantity control output. Can realize repositioning, associated alarm and other ways.

17, two or three analog output :0 ~ 10mA or 4 ~ 20mA.

18, 50HZ synchronous bidirectional SCR zero-crossing interpolation control algorithm to achieve the optimal control of each sine wave, to avoid high harmonic pollution of power grid by high power load. Discontinuous PID regulator built in 41A bidirectional SCR directly control ac 2KW below the single-phase resistive load or output 3 groups of trigger bidirectional SCR below 500A synchronous signal. (Note: should be resistive load)

19, can provide multi-host, single host, no host RS485 asynchronous serial communication. Communication data check is in accordance with CRC-16 American data communication standard, high reliability cycle, bar code check.

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