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Damage and prevention of shielded cable

In the manufacturing process of shielding layer, there are many correct or incorrect processes. One of the most important parameters is the braiding angle of the shielding layer.

The outer diameter of the cable used in the drag chain must be taken into account. Unreasonable braiding angle of shielding layer will further increase the tension load and lead to the damage of shielding layer. This will weaken the shielding effect, and even cause a short circuit when the sharp cable tail pierces the wool fabric or foil gold material and contacts the core wire. Here, we recommend you a useful trick: if you peel off the insulating layer, you can easily push the shielding layer back into the sheath, but such a shielding layer cannot be applied to the moving high flexible cables in the energy supply system. Of course, igus can provide direct solutions to these problems:

The braiding angle of shielding layer determined by long-term experiment can effectively offset the tension, so it is very suitable for drag chain.

Due to the stable inner sheath, the shielding layer will not relax and fail.

In the stranded wire structure, the shielding layer itself has anti torsion performance.

The sheath is worn or damaged

Any defect in the internal structure is difficult to detect from the outside, but the problem of the sheath can be directly observed by the naked eye. The sheath is the y.I layer protection of the precise internal structure of the cable. This is why the sheath with fracture, wear and expansion deformation is a very serious quality problem. In order to avoid such problems, igus provides seven kinds of cable sheaths of different materials for users to choose according to the corresponding working environment of their machinery.

Armor type extruded sheath

Manufacturing process and materials are also important factors determining product quality. In some so-called cables suitable for drag chain, the sheath is usually tubular, so it is unable to provide the necessary support for the strand structure in the long-term bending process, so that the strand structure is easy to split.

This sheath ensures that the core wire of the cable will not loosen during movement. The reason is that the sheath is extruded by extremely high pressure. It is like a guide groove, which guides the movement of the core wire and supports it at the same time. Therefore, it is very suitable for drag chain.

Summarize the quality assurance of high flexible cable suitable for drag chain: central stress relief design; Multi bundle cabling structure; Armor type extruded inner sheath is used in shielded cable; Full screen insulated woven mesh; Optimized shielding weaving angle; Armor type extruded sheath.

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