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12 2022-02
Problems of bimetallic thermometer in use

Bimetallic thermometer takes the hot bimetallic sheet wound into a thread shape as the temperature s……[More]

12 2022-02
Maintenance and use of magnetic flap level gauge

Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is widely used for liquid level measurement and control in the prod……[More]

12 2022-02
Several problems needing attention when installing fire-resistant cables

The fire-resistant cable can still maintain the normal operation of the line for a period of time un……[More]

12 2022-02
Characteristics and application occasions of fire-resistant and flame-retardant cables

It can be laid indoors, in tunnels and in pipelines, and can withstand certain laying traction, but ……[More]

12 2022-02
How to use the precision digital pressure gauge correctly?

The function of precision digital pressure gauge is widely used in various fields. In addition, it c……[More]

12 2022-02
Causes and Countermeasures of inaccurate measurement of vortex flowmeter

In the measurement of steam, liquid and gas, the flowmeter that uses z.ui more is vortex flowmeter. ……[More]

12 2022-02
Troubleshooting of magnetic fault of magnetic flap level gauge

Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is a kind of liquid level measuring instrument widely used in tank ……[More]

12 2022-02
How to clean and maintain the pressure transmitter

The pressure transmitter has the advantages of reliable operation, stable performance, convenient in……[More]

12 2022-02
Damage and prevention of shielded cable

In the manufacturing process of shielding layer, there are many correct or incorrect processes. One ……[More]

12 2022-02
Difference between control cable and shielded cable

Control cable refers to the cable of ordinary transmission signal and control line. Without special ……[More]

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